Customer satisfaction relating refunds is our top priority.

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority, however, from time to time it may occur that one of our Clients may be unsatisfied with the products sent over by PartydoosMedia or its Group or Partners.

PartydoosMedia and its Group / Partners are described in other parts of our legal documents.

If the Client has already paid for the product(s) made by PartydoosMedia and/or Streamotion, but haven't received them yet we're able to do a refund for the Client. However, this refund amount depends on the Client's choice of Payment Provider(s). If the Client has made use of any of the following Payment Methods mentioned in a second, the Client is eligible for a full, 100% refund. If the original charge underwent currency conversion, the refunded amount converts back using the same process. There are no fees to refund a charge, but the fees from the original charge aren’t returned. These fees can include both Stripe fees and PayRequest fees. Payment methods eligible for a full refund: Mastercard (PR), iDeal, Visa (PR), Bancontact, American Express, EPS, Przelewy24, Klarna, Giropay

If the Client has already paid for the product(s) made by PartydoosMedia and/or Streamotion, but haven't received them yet but have paid with or through PayPal, it's dependant on whether the Client has enabled PayPal Protection or not. If the Client has enabled PayPal Buyer Protection, we're able to a 100% full refund. No fees.

If the Client has disabled PayPal Buyer Protection for product(s) from PartydoosMedia and/or Streamotion, we're able to do a refund, but not a 100% full refund. The fees are described in our Fair Use Policy.

To start the refund progress for PartydoosMedia and/or Streamotion products or orders, please head over to the following page:

Please note that starting this refund process also cancels the Client their order. We've made our Payment Portal cancellation progress as easy as possible.

If the Client has paid for the product(s) from PartydoosMedia and/or Streamotion and have received these product(s) already, we offer a limited warranty. This limited warranty includes making minor changes to the product(s) 24 hours within its shipment. (Shipment = the moment the product was available to download) Large adjustments or redo's are certainly not included in this.
A maximum of 2 'reshipments' are possible, this means that we will send a product that needs to have changes made a maximum of 2 times in the previously mentioned period of 24 hours. If changes still need to be made after these 2 times, a Changing Fee of 50% of the total amount per reshipment will be charged.

When it appears that a mistake has been made by PartydoosMedia and/or Streamotion, such as a corrupt file, we have not delivered a product while this was included in the product, a wrong file was sent, a wrong colour profile was sent or similar mistakes, we offer to solve this within 1 month of sending the product and making the download available.

Because PartydoosMedia and Streamotion cannot verify whether customers have deleted the products they specified, we unfortunately do not offer a money back guarantee, unless the Client can prove that the products sent have been permanently removed from every device.

If the Client hasn't paid for the product(s) from PartydoosMedia and/or Streamotion yet and haven't received it, please contact our Customer Support. We will cancel the order for the Client within 48 hours within any costs made.

If the Client has or hasn't paid for product(s) received or not yet received from any of our Group or Partners which aren't mentioned earlier, we suggest contacting their Customer Support team. We're not liable for actions taken by any of our partners, even if payments are regulated by or paid through the PartydoosMedia Payment Portal.

If a Client wishes to cancel their subscription with PartydoosMedia and/or Streamotion, this can be done by contacting the PartydoosMedia customer service department. After this we will cancel the subscription and no next invoice will be sent. If payment has already been made for the current month no refund will be given for the current month and the subscription will expire at the end of the at that moment current month.

A subscription can only be cancelled during either the first 7 days of the subscription or after a 2-month period.

Last updated: 22/07/2021