Refund Policy


Customer satisfaction relating refunds is our top priority.

Our first concern is always the satisfaction of our customers. But occasionally, it might be necessary for us to offer a refund, either for the client's financial needs or because they weren't satisfied with the goods PartydoosMedia or its Group delivered.
This policy describes how full refunds (refunds of the entire amount less any costs that are not within our control) or partial refunds are processed.

If the client has paid for a product or service from PartydoosMedia or its Group (hereinafter "PartydoosMedia", "we", or "us"), full refunds can only be issued if we have not delivered any product yet. Anything we have created for the order, including but not limited to sketches and prototypes, is considered a product.

Through, clients can request a refund if prototypes or sketches fall short of their expectations. However, because we have already invested time, energy, and labour into the Order, a cancellation fee will be charged. Our Fair Use Policy goes into greater detail regarding this cancellation fee.

After the final signoff, if a client requests a refund, that client must be able to demonstrate that all files have been removed across all platforms (including but not limited to physical harddisks, cloud storages, etc.). Unfortunately, PartydoosMedia is unable to provide a refund if this cannot be proved. After the final signoff, the client may request revisions up to two times in the 48 hours following the delivery of the files. After this, if adjustments are still required, a Changing Fee equal to 50% of the total cost per reshipment will be assessed.

In most cases, refunds are processed in 48 hours. Depending on the bank's processing time, it may take up to 10 business days for the money to appear on the client's bank account.

The PartydoosMedia customer support team can be contacted if a client wants to end their subscription with PartydoosMedia and/or Streamotion. Following this, the subscription will be cancelled and no further invoices will be sent. The subscription will expire at the end of the then-current month if payment has already been made for the current month. There will be no refund for the current month.

The privilege to request products was supplied by us, so the Client is not eligible for a partial or full refund if they paid for the subscription but did not use it to request any of the things they were permitted to.

Last updated: 15/08/2021