PartydoosMedia – Since January 2021 we have been working closely with Blu Productions for 3D design, this started in January with a collaboration for the Time To Grow video trailer. Since the release of our new website, we also offered products of Blu Productions through the so-called Partner Deals.

We have been overwhelmed by a large amount of positive feedback we have received about Blu Productions. We are therefore very happy to announce that from now on, Blu Productions join the PartydoosMedia Family. Blu Productions is from now on a subdivision of PartydoosMedia that can realize the 3D design for us and our clients.

At the moment we are still only offering 3D add-ons for videos, however in the near future, we will offer 3D add-ons for more products such as social graphics.

When buying a product with a 3D add-on, the order itself will be fulfilled by PartydoosMedia.

It’s time to enter a new dimension. Are you ready?

What is PartydoosMedia?

PartydoosMedia is a digital creative agency based in Groningen, the Netherlands visualising your imaginations. We strive to provide the best service for you and your business by creating the perfect branding for your business. We create extraordinary graphics, photos, videos and animations by doing extensive market research.

PartydoosMedia has worked with over 200 companies and is always pushing the frontiers of graphic design for both businesses and individuals.