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Combining 3D and 2D motion graphics to showcase a phone's design features in a playful and interesting way

Gajit’s latest flagship rugged phone, the FINO, is a premier rugged phone. Gajit challenged us with collaborating on a video trailer alongside Blu Productions (a PartydoosMedia subdivision) and ShiftCGI.

This movie will be used to highlight the attractiveness of this smartphone. Going over the features that make it unique in a good way. We attempted to capture the viewer’s attention with attractive visuals and by transitioning between multiple scenarios in such a way that it would keep someone’s attention.

We used a variety of tools to complete this job. Initially, we began working things out on paper during a digital video chat, from which we could figure out exactly what to accomplish after establishing a rough checklist of the sequences that would be included.

Then, PartydoosMedia and Blu Productions worked on scenes within the Unity Engine to easily prototype 3D movements and scenes, while ShiftCGI worked on an extremely detailed phone model based on the Client’s sketches.

The process

a work of art

ShiftCGI began the job by meticulously reconstructing the smartphone from the PNG sketch provided by the Client. Because the entire video will revolve around this very detailed model, absolute precision and perfection were required. ShiftCGI also created a charging cable and a packaging box for the phone.

Meanwhile, PartydoosMedia was creating an exact reproduction of the logo to be utilised in SVG format, or within the film or model, while creating the initial movement prototypes within the Unity engine.

PartydoosMedia, the video’s primary internal lead, had a specific vision for video sequences. They used the phone models provided by ShiftCGI to animate the exact scene motions where necessary, and those shots were subsequently replicated within Blender by ShiftCGI.

These animations were essential in improving communication between the parties, which greatly improved the overall result.

Various sketches and models were used during the animation process to improve the ultimate result or to meet the Client’s revision demands.

During this time, PartydoosMedia conducted study into the video’s accessibility, including but not limited to colour and font selection. Because the movie will be seen by a large number of people of various ages, readability and accessibility were a necessary and a goal established by PartydoosMedia.

During the development process, PartydoosMedia paid close attention to a key component of the video: the font. Because of the format of the video, the typefaces utilised had to be easily readable and have distinguishable letters. All texts had to pass our E.R.T (Ease Reading Test), which requires the movie to be seen at three times the normal speed while being readable.

Furthermore, the text utilised has to work in a variety of backdrops, opacities, and background colours to provide us with flexibility during the creative process. We chose Google’s “Inter” font after much research.

We assembled everything in After Effects 2023 (Beta) in a beautifully organised and professional manner. Everything is organised so that future editors can simply work with the video to improve or build on it. We used Keylight to remove any colours that required to be removed from the Blender renders.

This portion required extreme precision because it would be visible to the end user. As a result, we made certain that this component was frame-perfect and even fixed the smallest faults from Blender, Unity, and After Effects to assure perfection.

The phone model was created in amazing detail within Blender. To assure perfection, no detail was overlooked. This image depicts the phone’s wireframe, textured and rendered versions.

Programs used

where software
meets profession

Blender is a feature-rich, professional-grade and capable 3D software application that provides a variety of tools and capabilities for creating high-quality 3D content. This means it’s ideal for creating sophisticated and detailed models of smartphones, as well as animating them in a realistic and professional manner.

Second, compared to other 3D tools, Blender is known for being very stable and bug-free, which is vital while working on a client project. This means you can trust Blender to generate consistent and trustworthy results without fear of the software crashing or producing unexpected results.

After Effects is a video editing and animation software tool used by professionals in the film and television industries, as well as graphic designers, motion graphics artists, and other creatives. This means it’s ideal for producing high-quality animations that are both professional and interesting.

Second, After Effects includes a plethora of strong tools and capabilities for animating, such as keyframe animation, compositing, and special effects. As a result, it is a versatile and adaptable tool that can be used to generate a wide range of animations, including those involving a smartphone.

We chose the Beta version over the Stable version because the most recent Beta included new functionalities that were required for our video.

Affinity Designer 2 is a professional-level graphic design software tool created primarily for making vector graphics, which are scalable visuals that can be enlarged without losing quality. This makes it an excellent tool for developing video assets since you can produce visuals that can be utilised at a range of sizes and resolutions without sacrificing quality.

Second, Affinity Designer 2 includes a plethora of powerful tools and capabilities for graphic design, such as complex path editing, Boolean operations, and live effects. As a result, it is a versatile and adaptable tool that can be used to generate a wide range of visuals, including ones incorporating a smartphone.

About us

visualising imaginations

PartydoosMedia is a Dutch digital creative agency based in Groningen, The Netherlands. They specialise in assisting businesses and groups in developing the ideal branding through visual media. They do thorough market research to better understand their clients’ target audiences and to produce distinctive, engaging, and effective branding that stands out from the crowd. They are proficient in a variety of digital media tools and techniques, and they use cutting-edge software and technology to produce high-quality visual media. Graphics, motion design, and animations are all suited to their clients’ individual demands and goals.

PartydoosMedia is committed to providing the best possible service to their clients. They take the time to understand their clients’ needs and goals, and work closely with them to create the perfect branding for their business.

ShiftCGI is a business that specialises in creating virtual things with the Professional-Grade programme Blender. They have extensive experience with the Cycles render engine, which is known for producing photorealistic renders. ShiftCGI is able to help its clients achieve their ideas for virtual items in a professional and high-quality manner by using Blender and the Cycles render engine.

ShiftCGI, in addition to their experience in Blender and the Cycles render engine, provides a variety of other services to help their clients bring their ideas to life, such as 3D modelling, animation, and visual effects. Overall, ShiftCGI is a valuable resource for anyone wishing to construct professional-quality virtual objects with Blender and Cycles’ tremendous capabilities.