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(Animated) Alerts

If someone follows or is even generous enough to provide a donation, they might need a little thank you. What better way to do that than by showing their name on the stream? Get the 7 Alerts Bundle but animated to make it look even more special!

Animated: 28.99€
Static: 5.99€

Extra Screen

If you’re interested in a screen which is not in the packs already, you can get one added for this small price.


Screens Animated

What better to make your stream look awesome than by getting everything animated? This adds spice to your stream and makes the stream look more professional. ‘Screens Animated’ makes sure you can get everything else, which isn’t its own seperate add-on already, animated as well!


Order Priority

In a rush? Get your products priorities over others and get them delivered faster!


Animated Webcam Overlay

Instead of the normally static webcam overlay, you can also get an animated one. This adds more spice to your stream.


Animated stinger

Get an amazing animated stinger to make switching between scenes look even more professional!


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