Financial Report: Q4 2020

PartydoosMedia beats estimates with record quarterly revenue.

The Netherlands – PartydoosMedia and Streamotion (“PartydoosMedia”), an internet company with graphic design and video editing at its core, today announced its record breaking quarterly results for the three months October, November, December ending the fourth quarter of 2020.

PartydoosMedia broke over 6 company records in the past quarter.
– Total revenue compared to the third quarter (225% growth)
– Total revenue of sold logos compared to the third quarter (250% growth)
– Total revenue made with Streamotion products compared to the third quarter (203% growth)
– Expansions compared to the third quarter (50% growth)
– Newly registered users through compared to the third quarter (4500% growth)
– Website visitors in comparison to the third quarter (40.9% growth)

PartydoosMedia maintained its momentum during the fourth quarter of 2020 and sold a huge number of products compared to the previous quarter. Proving its ‘Cheap products, honest prices’ philosophy. “Good companies make money and beautiful companies win the hearts of customers”, also with this thought in mind PartydoosMedia has more and more sales.

At PartydoosMedia, we believe that you can’t get a lot of loyal customers with annoying advertising, so we try to do as little paid advertising as possible and leave it to word-of-mouth advertising. This kind of advertising has worked more often for now well-known companies. Because of this theory, we were able to keep the website costs and advertising costs extremely low.

About PartydoosMedia
We are PartydoosMedia, a company offering video editing, graphic design, social media management and more at honest prices. We keep costs low by not investing a lot in advertising

PartydoosMedia has chosen not to use a regular ordering system to ensure customer satisfaction. We wanted to make sure that if a customer has safely paid through PayPal, the customer is satisfied.

The only way to make sure you’re satisfied with your order is with a ticket. If a Client pays beforehand, the Client is not assured the quality will be exactly as the Client likes and because PartydoosMedia is not a huge webshop like Amazon you may think we would take your money and make nothing. If you pay afterwards, a Client could run away with the logo without paying. We chose a combination of this by using our Prototype, Pay and Get system.

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