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Describing fair use for different kind of scenarios

The Fair Use Policy is not in use anymore as of 15/12/2022. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and other policies.

Welcome to the PartydoosMedia Fair Use Policy!

By purchasing a product at PartydoosMedia we assume you understand and accept this fair use policy mentioned on this page.

PartydoosMedia is always allowed to change their Fair Use Policy without approval of others.

The client must assume our unlimited revisions advertised throughout the PartydoosMedia website is directly related to the initial order information. Once the first draft has been accepted by the client, PartydoosMedia will then only make more revisions to the artwork at our discretion. Normally this is not an issue and we can change text, colours, but something such as a complete redo is not included.

Even though all revisions are free-of-charge as long as they are covered by the above terms, PartydoosMedia will ask for a Cancellation Fee if the customer wants to cancel the order after the first Prototype. We have made this Cancellation Fee as fair as possible to both parties, this fee is 1.50€ + 30% of the total price if the Order would have been completed. 

When it appears that a mistake has been made by PartydoosMedia and/or Streamotion, such as a corrupt file, we have not delivered a product while this was included in the product, a wrong file was sent, a wrong colour profile was sent or similar mistakes, we offer to solve this within 1 month of sending the product and making the download available.

To prevent abuse over our 'Unlimited revisions', we do not provide complete redo's for motion design. We do provide a max of 10 small changes before extra costs are being made. These 10 small changes can only be made for free before we render the video. In short, after a final render has been sent, no further changes can be made.

PartydoosMedia advertises throughout our website with a 'Takedown Protection' Our Takedown Protection will provide a full refund of the order if the video made by our team is taken down due to copyright within 2 months of purchasing the video. In order to get a refund,
the Client must show a valid license to use songs and show proof of the video being taken down due to Copyright. PartydoosMedia assumes our Clients have the appropriate licences to use music in videos.

To prevent abuse, it is only possible to add one of each add-on per order.

It is possible that PartydoosMedia uses created products for advertising purposes after the client has first published the product to other third parties. This does not have to be the final product, but may also be one of the earlier versions prior to revisions if PartydoosMedia is of the opinion that this earlier version is qualitatively better for advertising purposes compared to the final product.

If the Client has not published the product publicly within 1 month, PartydoosMedia may still publish it for advertising purposes unless the Client has explicitly asked not to do so.

If the Client is not satisfied with the delivered product, and has been issued a refund of some sort, PartydoosMedia retains all rights of the product made and can therefore always use the product for advertising purposes.

If a Client does not agree with an advert made, they can send an e-mail to [email protected]. PartydoosMedia is not obliged to do anything with this, but we strive to respond within 5 working days.

PartydoosMedia stores a backup of most files, including to product files and invoices, in an online cloud environment.

To read about the security of the cloud environment we use, please read the Privacybeleid.

If there is a sale on PartydoosMedia, it indicates that all products, or specific products are cheaper or free of charge. This can be seen on the home page, prices page and/or at the specific product.

These discounts are applicable if a ticket is issued during the sale period with a request for the discounted products. Already issued tickets before the sale will not come into contact with a sale.

Sales, discounts, deals and discount codes cannot be combined with other promotions.

The sales period does not ensure delivery of the products during the sales period. This may also happen after this period, but payment will always be at the cheapest price.

If, after a discount, the product needs to be modified (e.g. from logo to video, social graphic to very different social graphic), this is no longer covered by the discount and the present price will be applied.

PartydoosMedia offers subscriptions in order to be able to offer bulk buyers cheaper products for a monthly amount.

On the 20th of each month an invoice will be sent from an email address ending with ''. It must be paid before the due date mentioned in this email. If this is not the case, a reminder will be sent. If the Subscription is not paid before the 10th of the new month, the Subscription will be stopped and the Client will receive an email about this.

If the Client wants to cancel the Subscription they can go to If they need help they can contact our Customer Service. Cancelling a subscription will stop the subscription from the next month. This means that no money will be refunded. A subscription can only be cancelled either within the 7-days trial period or after 2 months.

PartydoosMedia offers a full money back guarantee for the first 7 days. To ensure that this cannot be abused, we do not offer products that take a long time to make, such as videos, during this period.

Bigger brands, companies and individuals are able to get free samples for products over €200. These products always include a watermark.

These brands, companies and individuals should have at least one social media or other platform with over 1.000 followers / subscribers. If this platform has the possibility to make 'posts' where their audience can like posts, these likes should be an average of at least 10 likes in the last month. This is to make sure the legitimacy of their reach. 

PartydoosMedia offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for some of its products. This means that a customer will be applicable for a refund of some sort (see the Refund Policy for more information about the applicable refunds) before they've said they were satisfaction.

PartydoosMedia always remains the right to cancel or deny an order in case we're unable to fullfil your order. It should also be known, that we cannot work on projects related to pornography, narcotics, liquor, gambling, undemocratic politics and prostitution. In case PartydoosMedia is unable to fullfil the order of a Client we deserve the right to cancel or deny the Client their order.

You can read how refunds are handled here:

If a customer is not satisfied with their product we offer a limited warranty. PartydoosMedia offers unlimited revisions before products are shipped based on reasonable use. For more information on what PartydoosMedia considers reasonable use, see section 'Unlimited Revisions' in our Fair Use Policy.

If after the shipment of the products modifications are still needed, we will offer minor modifications to customers within 48 hours after we provide a way to download the final files. Large adjustments or redo's are certainly not included in this.

For more information, please refer to the Refund Policy.

We sometimes offer coupon codes giving the customer a specific amount of time for free products. (For example: 1 year of free products).

To prevent abuse, we only provide 2 products every week for free. After that, there will be extra but reduced costs.

PartydoosMedia or any of its partners sometimes gives away gift cards, gift cards provide discounts or free products and are usually valid for one year. Streamotion giftcards can be redeemed for all products and add-ons listed on, all PartydoosMedia giftcards can be redeemed for all products listed on the PartydoosMedia website, with the exception of Streamotion products or add-ons. A maximum of one coupon code can be used per order.

The discount applies to the total of the entire order (excluding optional costs and/or fees).

Coupon codes are not redeemable for Cancellation Fees.

Last updated: 15/08/2022