Why having a professional logo is important?

In this decade, having logos is more important then ever before because of the internet. Your logo gives a first impression about your brand.

The Right Font

Having an appropriate logo is very important for your brand their image. A lot of companies, brands and organisations make a mistake here. They use unprofessional lettering (Comic Sans for a Police Academy for example) or fonts which are simply not available for commercial use. Having the right font means a lot. It has to be simplistic, yet recognizable. It also has to fit your brand. For example, Comic Sans would absolutely not fit for a Police Academy.

This is because the font spreads a childish feel which is the last thing you want as a brand.

Police Academy logo with Comic Sans font.

The Right Colours

Even colours are important in your logo, this also reflects your business. You fixed your Police Academy logo and do not have Comic Sans any more, however, the Police Academy has made their logo pink to stand out! Even though pink is a lovely colour, it would not fit a Police Academy.

Some new designers would hop on their favourite editing software and choose one of the colour presets available. Big mistake! Your brand should never use a colour preset. A lot of other brands already use these and this makes your branding not stand out.

Police Academy logo in pink.

Make sure it’s done right!

A lot of people create their logo’s of their companies or brand themselves and think it looks good! However, a lot of people like their own work more. To be 100% sure it’s done right, we recommend the services of PartydoosMedia. It’s a company which sells logo’s for just €7,99 of time of writing! You can check their pricing page here. Maybe even better, they got unlimited revisions and a satisfaction guarantee!

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