Where can I see the status of my order?

After your payment at PartydoosMedia, it will soon be said that the payment will be verified, and that your status can be seen from the Project Downloads page, but what does this actually mean?

Payment Verification and where to find your Project Downloads page

If your payment needs to be verified, it means that a PartydoosMedia employee will have to verify that the payment has been received and that we have received the correct amount. This can take up to 48 hours, but we aim to get it done sooner. You can find your order status on the Project Downloads page, by going to My Account, and clicking on ‘Project Downloads’.

This button is also shown in the picture below

My Account page of November 2020

When you are in the Project Downloads page, you will be greeted with all your past and present orders. Here you can see the Ticket ID you ordered with, the Payment Reference ID of your payment carrier, your Payment Carrier and the product. You can also see until when the download of your products is possible.
This is because downloads are only available for a limited amount of time, most of the time one month.


There are several statuses you can see in the Project Downloads page, these are all of them:

– Download This means you can download the project and the project is finished.

In Creation This means we’re still working on the product and you should keep your eyes out on the ticket

Verifying Payment This means we’re verifying the payment and awaiting the money from the Payment Carrier. This can take up to 48 hours.

Shipping your Product This means we’re sending you the product. This can take up to one week depending on the product.

– Insufficient Funds We’ve received a payment, but not the value did not match the price. You’ll get notified about this through e-mail and the Ticket, please make sure to check your Spam folder.

– Payment Portal Failure There’s an error with the Payment Portal, or we did not get the right information requested in it. You will get notified about this through e-mail and the Ticket.

– Update Incoming We’ve made a mistake in your order and updating the files, this can take up to one week depending on the order.

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