What is PartydoosMedia?

We are PartydoosMedia, a new organisation offering video editing, designing and social media management at a cheap price.

If you take a look at our website https://www.partydoosmedia.com/ you can see we do not have a cart, like other webshops, this is because we really want to have a satisfied customer, instead of money. We have a ticket system where you can make orders.

We ask what the customer wants, etc. and based on that we’ll get to work. How to know we’re not one of those scam websites? Well firstly, we got a Trustpilot, secondly we work with a system we call ‘Prototype, pay, get’. The customer will first get a watermarked version of what they’re looking for, then we make changes if needed based on the customer their feedback. Then, they can safely pay through PayPal and we’ll send them their products.

This way we can assure the customer knows what he is getting, he knows he will be satisfied and not get scammed and we don’t ship something without our customer paying.

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