Time To Grow Update Changelog

PartydoosMedia and Streamotion

We at PartydoosMedia think it is extremely important that our logo, our website, etc. always keep up with the new trends. Therefore we are proud to announce that after more than 4 months of work, the biggest update in the existence of PartydoosMedia ever is coming.

This update offers many new possibilities, new features on the website, improved user privacy, more ways to contact us, a brand new logo for PartydoosMedia, a brand new site for PartydoosMedia, a private domain for Streamotion and much more.

Below is a changelog with what has changed.

Logo history PartydoosMedia


Our visual identity

PartydoosMedia is a digital visual creative agency, therefore design is extremely important. We felt that our old PartydoosMedia logo no longer matched our standards and was, in our opinion, old-fashioned compared to current and new trends and what we consider to fall under a professional logo.

For the logo, we chose to create something similar to the old logo, but still something completely new. For example, the colours have changed from blue and black to a logo with a colour gradient. Also, our main blue colour has become slightly lighter. This colour radiates safety, responsibility, honesty and confidence. This is important for a company like PartydoosMedia.

To read our new and updated Branding Guidelines, please go here: https://www.partydoosmedia.com/branding

Website design – PartydoosMedia

New homepage

Over the past few months, our team has been extremely busy creating a new website. A reliable website for all that easily offers the information you are looking for.

We have been working day and night on this new website and are proud to unveil it! The website offers many new features and looks more professional. For example, the home page and the other pages are now more friendly for new users and unregistered users.

We have moved the prices of products to the specific product pages and made them much more personal. We have made sure that you only pay for the things you want. This has also allowed us to lower prices slightly, which we are pleased about.

The new product pages also offer more information and look nicer to the human eye.


We have also changed the design of the footer to offer more and more useful information. This footer changes daily, for example the ‘call’ button is only visible when we are reachable by phone at that moment. Call opening hours can be seen in our Imprint.

Also, the footer now links to some of our social media and contact options.

FAQ page

We have made sure that the new website is much clearer at first glance. For example, very important text is larger and thicker in order to stand out. Also, the header on some pages now gives a summary of what can be found on that page.

Partner System – PartydoosMedia

Partners page

Partners are extremely important to PartydoosMedia. Not only for our survival but also for the functioning of the company. Also this offers the possibility to offer good deals to our on/of their customers like exclusive discounts!

Because our partners are so important we have given them a special place on our website. At https://www.partydoosmedia.com/partners you can see a list of our partners. These partners are divided into 2 categories, Turbo Partners and Standard Partners.