How to create an order at PartydoosMedia

We understand the confusion some people having with ordering at PartydoosMedia. However, to ensure customer satisfaction we have a Ticket system instead of a regular Pay to Get system.

How does this Ticket system work?

By creating a PartydoosMedia account, you can easily go to a personal Account page, visible here, or by pressing “Account” at the top right corner on every page. You will then see the page shown in the picture below.

PartydoosMedia account page of begin August 2020.

Now, the Client can head over to “Submit Ticket or Order” and select “Order” as Ticket Type and write down the order details like what order the Client would like, its colours, any examples, etc. An agent will respond to you as soon as possible and will create exactly what you will want. After the Client agrees with the final product which is shown with a watermarked version. You can pay and we will ship the order to your Account email address within 48 hours. This e-mail gets send from [email protected], make sure you check your Spam folder.

Why does PartydoosMedia not use a regular ordering system?

PartydoosMedia has chosen not to use a regular ordering system to ensure customer satisfaction. We wanted to make sure that if a customer has safely paid through PayPal, the customer is satisfied.

The only way to make sure you’re satisfied with your order is with a ticket. If a Client pays beforehand, the Client is not assured the quality will be exactly as the Client likes and because PartydoosMedia is not a huge webshop like Amazon you may think we would take your money and make nothing. If you pay afterwards, a Client could run away with the logo without paying. We chose a combination of this by using our Prototype, Pay and Get system.

If I or a Support Agent closes a ticket, can I still see it?

Yes, through the Tickets page it is possible to easily check past and current Tickets, as shown in the image below. This page is also accessible from your account page. (Account > My Tickets & Orders).

Tickets list interface PartydoosMedia as of begin August 2020

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