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Trade names:
PartydoosMedia, Streamotion are registered through the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands

Justin Matthias H. Sijbolts
Marterlaan 48,
9675PK Winschoten
The Netherlands

Email Contact Information
Email (Support): [email protected]
Email (Press): [email protected]
Email (Streamotion): [email protected]
Email (Blu Productions): [email protected]

Email (Dutch Support): [email protected]
Email (German Support): [email protected]

Phone Contact Information
Support (English only): +31 6 512 116 84
Calling rates may apply. Sat-Sun 13:00 – 20:00 CEST

Company Register
PartydoosMedia is a registered company in the Netherlands with registered trade names PartydoosMedia and Streamotion. KvK: 80049265. VAT Number: NL003385764B68.

In case you have a complaint regarding PartydoosMedia, you can contact us through a ticket or through Email. We’ll try and respond within 48 hours.

You can send in an official complaint through the European Online Dispute Resolution. Through here our Clients, also from outside of the Netherlands, can submit complaints in their own language.

PartydoosMedia complies with Dutch regulations and the legal regulations posted by the Authority for Consumers & Markets concerning the obligation to provide information.