Frequently Asked Questions

Making an order is quite easy! Through your account, you can make a ticket.

Through a ticket we help you getting started! You let us know what you need and we will help you getting exactly what you need.

This way, we make sure you are 100% satisfied. We never sell templates, everything is all custom made just for you or your brand!

You can pay easily and safe through PayPal (recommended) and iDeal (Dutch only).

Payment links are always sent personally through the Ticketsystem

If you have already made a payment and received your product from our staff member including a license, you are free to use it anywhere you like!

We would of course love it if you could give us a review on our Trustpilot (linked in the footer) so others know that you're satisfied! We could even show your review on the frontpage!

Sad to see you're not happy with your order. Before you make a payment you can ask us to change things, because you have unlimited revisions on a fair use base!

We would find it weird if you are dissatisfied with your order if you already paid for your product; this would mean you already agreed with the final product. Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds for products because we cannot see if you have already saved it somewhere. However, if we have made an issue (wrong colour profiles, no transparency, etc.) you can contact us within a month to fix these small mistakes at our side!

You can download digital versions of our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Fair Use Policy directly through our website through our portal available at

PartydoosMedia and Streamotion are registered in the Netherlands on the 13th of August with KvK number 80049265

PartydoosMedia is a registered business in the Netherlands. We're currently in works of translating our website to Dutch to make it accessible to even more users, however, this does take some time to do so. We will not translate every page but just the necessary ones.