Branding Guidelines


Branding Guidelines

PartydoosMedia always encourages the use of our branding on different platforms without written approval, however, we have some guidelines to make sure this is done the right way.

On this page, we describe the guidelines everyone has to follow to use our branding. 


In the following, you’ll find a list of all the PartydoosMedia, PartydoosMedia Studios and Blu Productions logos and icons.



Minimum clear space




The PartydoosMedia logo / icon and the PartydoosMedia Studios logo are both using a custom, modified version of Montserrat called Doo Sans. This typeface is not allowed to get used by non-PartydoosMedia affiliated companies, businesses, organisations, individuals or another, unmentioned but unrelated entities.

PartydoosMedia and its Companies and Projects are slowly transitioning to use Poppins. Some texts and pages on the PartydoosMedia site are in Poppins and this amount of pages is slowly extending.

The Blu Productions logo makes use of Nunito.

Brand Name

Please do not change the spelling of our brand name except if not possible due to technical limitations.


PartydoosMedia Studios
Blu Productions


BLU Productions

Usage Guidelines

Forbidden Usage

Please do not edit, change, distort, recolour, or reconfigure the PartydoosMedia, Streamotion, PartydoosMedia Studios, Blu Productions or any other group, organisation or community PartydoosMedia maintains (herinafter: “PartydoosMedia Group”) their logo. It is not allowed to add, modify or remove an element from the logos.

Using any of the logos from the PartydoosMedia Group for commercial purposes without written approval is not allowed.

Allowed Usage

Using the PartydoosMedia Group Branding when referring to any of the PartydoosMedia Group Brandings, putting a shape around the logo and using the logo with an Opacity between 50% and 100% is allowed as long as the logo stays clearly visible.

Using any of the logos from the PartydoosMedia Group for personal purposes without written approval is allowed.


Static (PartydoosMedia)

Azure Blue

CMYK 81, 43, 0, 3

Beautiful Black

CMYK 0, 0, 0, 100

Nero Black

CMYK 0, 0, 0, 89

Icy White

CMYK 0, 0, 0, 0

Static (PartydoosMedia Studios)

Flame Red

CMYK 0, 94, 87, 0

Static (Blu Productions)

Azure Blue

Used for Blu Productions

Beautiful Black

Used for Blu Productions

Static (Streamotion)

Party Blue

Used for the Streamotion logo

Nero Black

Used for the Streamotion logo

Beautiful Black

Used for Streamotion

Gradients (PartydoosMedia)


#625EF0 to 01B7FF
45° angle


PartydoosMedia, its group and partners always have the right to disregard the above Branding Regulations.

If you or your business want to utilise a PartydoosMedia Group logo, access must be granted by a team member of the PartydoosMedia management. This right can be requested by sending an email to [email protected]. We always do our best to respond within 48 hours.

If PartydoosMedia discovers that our Branding Guidelines have not been adhered to, the violator in question will be contacted.