Join our team!

Interested in joining a well established team within several communities? Below are the jobs PartydoosMedia has to offer.


Discord Moderator

Ensuring users of our Discord server who are breaching our rules will get either kicked, muted or warned. – Voluntary

Graphic Designer

You ensure that new and old customers leave PartydoosMedia satisfied by making beautiful creations. You will make pictures while we teach you to use new, yet familiar software! – Paid

Social Media Manager

You ensure that our social media gets more clicks. With the by our provided images you make sure everything on the socials looks shiny!  – Voluntary

Social Media Team: TT

As a Social Media Team member for TikTok, you ensure our TikTok gets great videos on it to make new customers reach us more easily. – Voluntary

Translator: French

French is spoken by around 76 million native speakers around the world, hence why we are looking for translators who want to translate our website to French as part of Project Colan!  – Paid

Translator: Norwegian

We have seen a big percentage of the visitors from are from Norway, hence why we are looking for translate who want to translate our website to Norwegian as part of Project Colan! – Paid

This webpage doesn’t show all currently opened or existing positions within PartydoosMedia but only show positions of applications we might open soon or have been opened recently.

So where are you waiting for?